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    Anonymous asked: Do you know any Drarry fics where either Draco or Harry is a muggle and the other is a wizard?

    I know you’ve asked this question a few times and I am immensely sorry that I haven’t answered it yet. I did so much searching for this topic because it does seem very intriguing. However, I was only able to find this story called One Year. It’s a oneshot and it has a good plot. I really wish I could’ve seen it written longer though.

    Summary:Draco was excited to finally do some field work for the first time since becoming a spy for the Order like Severus. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with a muggle named Harry Potter while undercover. Everyone knows that relationships are hard during war time, so when Death Eaters attack and Draco’s forced to separate from Harry - him to go fight alongside Neville and Luna while Harry stayed safe with Ron and Hermione - he promises his lover one year. One year and the war will be done. One year and he’ll come back to him.

    One year and they’d finally be together.

    I also found Malfoy Meets Muggle. I haven’t read it yet but from what I can tell they are both wizards and Harry is trying to get Draco to adopt a more muggle influenced lifestyle so that one might be worth checking out as well.

    If anyone knows of any muggle/wizard drarry fics please let me know because I would love to read and rec them!!

    Title: Stuck With You ➜ Maxine

    Word Count: 8727

    Chapters: 1

    Rating: NC-17 / X

    Warnings: Slash, smut, language…the norm.

    Genre: Humor, Smut, PWP, First Time

    Era: Hogwarts

    Completed? Yes

    Summary: Lots of stuttering, lots of fumbling, lots of fighting, lots of cussing. Lots of awkwardness, a decent amount of sex (once they manage to get to it), and very little room to do it all in!

    Review: This is literally just smut. It’s a little awkward but it’s pretty great

    Title: An Act of Simple Devotion ➜ blamebrampton

    Word Count: 13,368

    Chapters: 1

    Rating: M (author says NC17 but the smut is described in the vaguest of terms so M it is)

    Warnings: sexual content, Ron/Hermione, Theodore Nott/Justin Finch-Fletchley, Ginny/Neville

    Genre: Drama, Humor

    Era: Post Hogwarts

    Completed? Yes

    Summary: It’s a age-old story. You fancy a boy and you think he fancies you. Sure there are problems – attacks on former Death Eaters, crazed tabloid journalists and your girlfriend – but you have a cunning plan. Now if he’d only explain the L. Ron Hubbard-like references …

    Review: I loved the post war depiction of all the characters in this so so much. Draco’s amends, everyone’s acceptance, the growth of Harry and Draco’s relationship. Like wow everything was written so well, i could totally imagine this being a canon post hogwarts story.

    Seeker To Seeker


    Title: Seeker to Seeker ➜ BaronNomaw

    Word Count: 60,918

    Chapters: 22

    Rating: NC-17 / X

    Warnings: sexual content, dumb bets, dumb boys

    Genre: Drama, Humor, Slash

    Era: Hogwarts

    Completed? Yes

    Summary: What begins as a slashy bet on the Quidditch field soon develops into something much more significant.

    Review: This story was excellent. It was funny and smutty and flowed very well. I was however, a little unsatisfied with the ending, but it did leave much to imagination. My favorite part was… Oops. Spoiler… Well the part where harry unwillingly liked it 

    Title: Action Figures ➜ Cheryl Dyson

    Word Count: 2,519

    Chapters: 1

    Rating: M

    Warnings: sexual content

    Genre: Drama, Humor

    Era: Hogwarts

    Completed? Yes

    Summary: Harry discovers that snogging your enemy in unused corridors is one thing, attending costume balls together is something else entirely… A tiny bit of Mature Adult Content. And a broom closet. :D

    Title: Bite Me, Hate Memes ➜ pir8fancier

    Word Count: 32,354

    Chapters: 1

    Rating: NC-17 / X

    Warnings: sexual content, profanity, three way sex relationship between Blaise, Pansy, and Draco (that ends), Pansy/Ron…

    Genre: Drama, Humor

    Era: Post Hogwarts

    Completed? Yes

    Summary: Draco Malfoy becomes incensed when hate memes start flooding the Ministry of Magic and dare to try to usurp his undisputed position as the best Potter hater on the face of this planet.

    Review: For personal reasons, I’m not a big fan of polyamorous/ open relationshipts in fics, or “friends with benifits” situations, especially with the main characters, however I really enjoyed this fic. It’s a one shot on the longer side with a great story and canonicly written characters. The ending did leave a bit to be desired, but it’s pretty different from the type of fics I usually rec so it was a nice change. And I actually really liked it.

    I want to thank everyone so much for all their kind messages during my recovery, they all meant so much to me. Today is the month anniversary of the accident and I am feeling a lot better. It didn’t take me a month to recover but I figured I needed some time to myself to recuperate and read some more stuff to rec to you guys. So, yes, I am officially back. Expect recs coming up (;◠‿◠)

    Anonymous asked: omg i hope you're ok! that sounds really bad!

    yeah i’m definitely getting better! thank you for your concern, it means so much 

    I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting anything recently guys. I’ve been recovering from a really bad car accident. I’m getting better though, so soon I’ll be back to reccing fics and answering your questions as usual.

    Anonymous asked: Hi! Amazing blog, absolutely captivating. I'm completely new here so would you recommend me some good bottom!Draco one shots or ones with very little chapters? Anything that dwell far into the Harry Potter book fandom will be difficult for me to grasp what is going on. I only ever watched the movies, saving the books for some other time. Much appreciated, love!

    hey thank you so much for your question :)

    A Night To Remember is pretty good one shot that doesnt go in depth on the harry potter series as a whole. It’s pretty much PWP and hints at bottom!draco but it’s a good quick read and man poor ron

    Remote is rly rly good. It’s post hogwarts where harry and draco are flatmates and harry’s being an irritating twat with the tv while draco’s trying to read. It doesn’t go super in depth at all and it’s super super smutty and bottom!draco and it’s really good i love it

    Something I Don’t Want to Stop is great because it’s a oneshot on the longer side that maintains plot and smut. It has bottom!draco and gr8 sexytimes and isn’t too indepth. McGonagall basically rearranges the 8th year students (former 7th year students that chose to come back after the war to get a proper education for their last year) into new dorms with new roommates and harry and draco get thrown together yippie!!!

    The Mistletoe Made Them Do It is a good christmasy themed oneshot. basically draco gets stuck under a special mistletoe and can’t come out until he’s fucked nice and raw (◕‿◕✿)

    Once you read the books and are more comfortable with the harry potter series come back for some amazing multichapter fics (✿◠‿◠). I rec a lot of bottom!draco as that is my favorite type of fic to read