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Anonymous inquired:

1st. I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR! 2nd. I was wondering if you knew a fic where neville harry seamus draco harry ron and blaise are all playing truth or dare or spin the bottle or something like that in the gryffindor boys room and they keep daring harry to do stuff to draco and eventually it turns into them being in love and one of the dares is harry talking draco to orgasm in parseltongue i cant find it anywhere and its driving me INSANE! thank you!!

Thank you!

Would you be referring to Starts With A Spin? That is a long truth or dare fic with hxd dares that turn into love

Corruptella Vox has truth or dare and parselsmut but it’s a one shot so I’m not sure if that’s the one you’re talking about…

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Anonymous inquired:

hey! this site is great! thank you so much!! do you know some good fanfictions draco is in trouble and harry have to rescue him (which draco do no found good because of his pride?)

At Your Service by Faithwood is really good

In Pieces is fantastic; it is a lot of angst for a lot of return

There Comes A Mist, and A Weeping Rain is a good short read

I haven’t read it in a while but I remember Behind Blue Eyes to be quite good

Thank you so much!! I hope those satisfy you and keep you occupied for some time ^_^;

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How do you get to the tag page? Bc I just can't figure it out

o_o; oh my gosh i took way too long to answer this im sorry. If you are on desktop then just look in the right sidebar and click “All Tags” 

If you are on mobile then there should be a list button in the upper left hand corner that will have the links to all my pages

If you’re still having trouble then here it is right here

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Draco Malfoy, It's Your Lucky Day | Faithwood

Title: Draco Malfoy, It’s Your Lucky Day

Word Count: ~37 000

Chapters: 4

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Sex, profanity

Genre: Drama, Slash, ewe

Era: 8th Year

Completed? Yes

Summary: Even though he’s unarmed, injured, lost in the Forbidden Forest, and facing a possible murder charge, Draco Malfoy gets lucky.

Review: This story flowed so beautifully for me. There was drama, fabulous character depictions, and a riveting plot line. It was a brilliant read. One I could definitely read again and again.

Come Slowly, Eden by lomonaaeren

Title: Come Slowly, Eden

Word Count: ~17,000

Chapters: 2

Rating: R

Warnings: Sex, profanity

Genre: Drama, Slash

Era: 8th Year

Completed? Yes

Summary: Harry didn’t mean to start liking Draco Malfoy. It just happened. (prompt: fic set at Hogwarts, with supportive Blaise and Pansy, and Harry liking Draco first.)

Review: Interesting writing style, but a good story line for the prompt given. The characters stayed true to Rowling’s depiction. A quick read, and ugh the first kissing scene *nosebleeds* 

Anonymous inquired:

do you have a rec list for hogwarts era fics?? thanks!!


I’m going to assume you’re on mobile, because all my links are right over in my sidebar ^-^*

If you’re looking for my taglist it is right there as well

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Anonymous inquired:

Are fics required to be recommended by other readers, or can we request for our own to be reviewed? I am considering writing another fic for a storyline I began a few years ago (two fics already completed). I have had requests/support for a continuation of this series but not as much feedback. Having your opinion would mean a lot. I don't want to seem like I'm begging for attention though. Perhaps a better question would be, how I could get a beta reader or better feedback?

I would love to read it! You can definitely submit it to me and I will gladly beta it for you :o

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Refraction by metisket   

Title: Refraction

Word Count: 84,923

Chapters: 14

Rating: R

Warnings: angst?

Genre: Drama, Slash

Era: Multiple Eras

Completed? Yes

Summary: Hogwarts through the eyes of many of the characters as Harry loses his mind, Draco becomes bitter, Luna gleefully stalks everyone, and Ron and Hermione wonder what’s going on. Eventual H/D.

Review: Lengthy, eloquent, wonderfully told and deeply emotional. Definitely different from any other Drarry fic I’ve read. Dark, but not in the usual sense. Left me feeling sort of empty (heartbroken?). I definitely have a strange tie to this story that makes me feel I’d be caused great sorrow to part with it.

holmes-locked inquired:

Ahhh I really love your blog. Thankyou so much for running it :)

oh my gosh thank you so much ahah ;__; i do a shit job of running it but im so glad you appreciate it :D

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Anonymous inquired:

What's the difference between m rated fics and nc 17?

While they both contain sexual content, mature rated fics are less graphic and often reference sexual acts very highly, often skip over any actual physical sex or just vaguely skim over the details, while NC-17 fics leave no room for imagination ^__^;

Another questionable area for this could be the amount of adult language in fics (ie: cursing) but from experience, fics with cursing but no sexual content tend to stay T rated, while M is reserved for sexual conversation.

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