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    i've been notified that some fics on hex files are missing due to the site having issues. if i've linked any fics that are missing please let me know

    Anonymous asked: omg i hope you're ok! that sounds really bad!

    yeah i’m definitely getting better! thank you for your concern, it means so much 

    I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting anything recently guys. I’ve been recovering from a really bad car accident. I’m getting better though, so soon I’ll be back to reccing fics and answering your questions as usual.

    Anonymous asked: Hi! Amazing blog, absolutely captivating. I'm completely new here so would you recommend me some good bottom!Draco one shots or ones with very little chapters? Anything that dwell far into the Harry Potter book fandom will be difficult for me to grasp what is going on. I only ever watched the movies, saving the books for some other time. Much appreciated, love!

    hey thank you so much for your question :)

    A Night To Remember is pretty good one shot that doesnt go in depth on the harry potter series as a whole. It’s pretty much PWP and hints at bottom!draco but it’s a good quick read and man poor ron

    Remote is rly rly good. It’s post hogwarts where harry and draco are flatmates and harry’s being an irritating twat with the tv while draco’s trying to read. It doesn’t go super in depth at all and it’s super super smutty and bottom!draco and it’s really good i love it

    Something I Don’t Want to Stop is great because it’s a oneshot on the longer side that maintains plot and smut. It has bottom!draco and gr8 sexytimes and isn’t too indepth. McGonagall basically rearranges the 8th year students (former 7th year students that chose to come back after the war to get a proper education for their last year) into new dorms with new roommates and harry and draco get thrown together yippie!!!

    The Mistletoe Made Them Do It is a good christmasy themed oneshot. basically draco gets stuck under a special mistletoe and can’t come out until he’s fucked nice and raw (◕‿◕✿)

    Once you read the books and are more comfortable with the harry potter series come back for some amazing multichapter fics (✿◠‿◠). I rec a lot of bottom!draco as that is my favorite type of fic to read

    Title: Aftertaste ➜ Nurse Drarry

    Word Count: 2,181

    Chapters: 1

    Rating: NC-17

    Warnings: Slashy slashiness, sexual contenet

    Genre: Humor, Romance, Smut

    Era: 8th Year

    Completed? Yes

    Summary: Draco asks for his wand back and gets more than he bargained for

    ➜ Sequel: Afterglow

    Word Count: 1,911

    Chapters: 1

    Rating: NC-17

    Warnings: Slashy talk, sexual content

    Genre: Humor, Romance, Smut

    Era: 8th Year

    Completed? Yes

    Summary: Poor Ron

    Title: Showers and Shenanigans ➜ Sara Holmes

    Word Count: 4,295

    Chapters: 1

    Rating: NC-17

    Warnings: mature sexual content and rogue shampoo

    Genre: Humor, Romance, Smut

    Era: 8th Year

    Completed? Yes

    Summary: All Harry wants is a nice, relaxing shower during which he will most certainly not think about Draco Malfoy. Easy, right?

    Review: Sara Holmes is definitely one of my favorite Drarry writers ever. She can write a multichaptered fic beautfiully and a smutty one shot like this just as well. Smut and after smut fluff a+

    i spent entirely too long editing my theme and organizing everything for you guys, so you know that means more recs are going to be coming

    also i set up a masterlist and an faq so you guys should check out those

    drarry - oneshot


    drarry prompted by deankins

    prompt: could you do harry being harry and saying something sassy to ron and hermione but they don’t find it funny then three tables across the gryffindor’s, they hear draco laugh?

    SORRY THIS TOOK ME 500 YEARS TO WRITE. It’s Hogwarts 8th Year drarry AU with just a sprinkle of romione on the side. Also, I made it a lot longer than I thought I was going to make it and now I’m not actually sure if I like it because I want to put more depth (and lbr more fluff) in it, but that would require making it longer so…

    I’m putting it out there as is for now because I don’t want the wait to go on forever. I might continue it on ffnet or something if you guys want it. ANYWAY HERE IT IS ACK


    “I’m just saying that if elves had the same opportunities that we have, they could—“

    “Oh my god, Hermione, you already told us this last night.”

    “But were you listening, Ron?” Hermione asked, her hair whipping across Harry’s cheek as she turned to shoot daggers at the redhead across the Gryffindor table. “You tend to be an awful listener.”

    “That’s not fair!” Ron insisted. “I listen to you.”

    “Really? Name three times.”

    “Guys, please,” Harry muttered, blowing Hermione’s brunettes strands away from his mouth. “Stop.”

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    angels-of-chaos-deactivated2014 asked: Hello, I recently made this blog with the intended use of gathering drarry fanfics, and I was wondering if you could possibly explain how you managed to get this? If you don't know what I mean, it's when I click on "All Tags" on your blog, and then it takes me to a list of tags. If I click on one of them, links to fanfictions will appear. Can you explain how you got this? Thanks!

    I tried answering this in text and screenshots format but it proved to be more difficult than I thought so I recorded it instead ^-^*

    here you go

    I am very sorry I haven’t recced any new fics for you guys lately. I actually read a couple good ones a few months ago and recently when I tried to post them I found out the links to the fics no longer worked and I could not find them anywhere. However, I am trying to answer all of your questions and find other fics to rec for you guys. In the meantime, I’ve answered a few questions that have kind of mini-masterlists herehere, and here

    Anonymous asked: Big dick come quick got removed :(

    sorry about that, I’ve heard the hex files site was having some issues. I don’t know if the fic is missing because of that or because Calanthe is removing some of her old works. 

    I found a link to her livejournal page with a free downloadable pdf so here you go